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Network Administrator Degree

Network AdministratorTo pursue a career as a network administrator, you will need to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. This degree takes about four years to complete and will teach you all you need to know to hit the ground running in your new career as a network administrator.

People who work as network administrators are responsible for managing the technology and computer networks of a business. They work to make sure the company they work for has what it needs as far as technology goes to be successful. They also refine systems and are constantly checking to make sure the company has the latest technology to help the business be more effective.

A network administrator degree program will teach you the skills and responsibilities network administrators need to be successful in their carers. You will learn about backing up data, how to keep the information secure on computers and how to manage multiple computer users in a business.

Computer science degree programs teach students about how to effectively introduce new software into a business, how to manage several or even hundreds of email addresses, and how to create plans for technology that will help an organization increase productivity and run smoothly and more effectively. Computer science classes will give you a feel for how computers are used in the business world so you can better understand technology’s place in a business.

As part of a network administrator degree program, you will also be required to take classes that will teach you computer programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and C++ which will be helpful when you are required to work with software developers. Computer classes will also teach you about algorithms and operating systems. Computer science programs often include classes that cover topics like software engineering, databases and management.

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