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Nursing Degree

Registered NurseTo start your career as a registered nurse, you will need to earn your nursing degree so you will have the knowledge, understanding, and training you need to hit the ground running in the medical field. Nurses have extremely rewarding careers since they spend their days helping people and are usually in high demand.

In a nursing degree program you will be required to take classes in a variety of subjects. Chemistry and microbiology classes will teach you about organisms and how they react to different things. You will learn about the human body in anatomy, nutrition, and physiology classes. Nursing programs often include math and statistics classes so students will be prepared to analyze data and test results.

Nursing degree programs also include classes very specific to the career. You will enroll in classes that teach you to care for the elderly, public health, infant care, pharmacology, chronic illnesses, and family health. Nursing programs also include courses on global health, mental health, and crisis care.

One unique part of nursing degree programs is the hands-on aspect of many programs. Earning your nursing degree often entails lab experience where you will get the chance to put into practice many of the things you are learning in the classroom. You will get to practice techniques on fellow students and dummies and even learn how to use equipment properly by actually doing it.

Depending on the level of degree you are seeking, a nursing degree could take four, two, or even one year to complete. Different degrees will lead to different opportunities and will deem your more valuable in the eyes of employers. After earning their degree, nursing students must pass an exam to become a registered nurse.

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