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Public Policy

Public Policy

Public Policy is what happens whenever the government addresses public issues. This happens in all government sectors from the federal all the way down to the state and city levels. These governmental policy makers are involved with developing public policies as it relates to laws and regulations designed to govern people.

There are three main features that drive public policies. They are players, policy, and problems. It is the policy that determines the actions taking in response to various problems within society. It affects the private sector as well. These rules are laid down by spiritual leaders as well cultural institutions and government officials.

People began studying public policy back in 1922. It was begun by a political scientist by the name of ‘Charles Merriam’. He was attempting to build a bridge between real life applications and political theory. This includes topics and issues like crime, health, social welfare, education, and foreign policy.

In the past few decades the deterioration of good healthcare policies have started leaders to look for National Healthcare. As most people know this is a big issue that has sparked much controversy. Bill Clinton tried to implement it but it has been ‘Obama-care’ that has been passed of late.

All government entities existing within society work to enact laws and policies as well as allocate resources. And this holds true on all levels. Public Policy is a system of regulatory measures, funding priorities, implemented actions, and laws.

Careers In Public Policy Expounded On:

As a Public Policy student you will be trained for a very broad and diverse set of job options. You can find these within the non-profit, public, and the private sectors.

A bachelors degree can land you an entry level job or internship but it will be your Masters that will open the most doors. You need good written and oral communications skills and be well organized. You need strong problem-solving skills. You will need to be able to effectively manage some very complex projects have the ability to work independently on your own. A lot of the jobs within Public Policy require no less than 2 – 4 years advanced studies and experience in a role similar to the job.

There are certificate programs to be found along with your bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Your Opportunity To Break Into This Very Exciting Career Field:

Regardless of what level of education you currently have you can find an accredited online school that can meet you where you are. People are beginning new careers all the time using online distance education.

They get the career training they need working at home at their own pace. Taking online courses they earn online degrees and have new careers as opposed to simply holding down a job. Careers can grow with you as you continue with your online courses and earn higher degrees.

You can get enrolled today and start the career you have always wanted. This is a great opportunity to improve your life quality and to enjoy much more than a job, but a career of your own. There are some really great online colleges and universities just waiting for you to enroll. Enrollments are sky-rocketing. Start your new career in public policy today.

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