Online Degree Programs

Online Degree Programs

Pull up a comfy chair, tune out distractions, and pay attention. Did you have any idea that it was actually possible to earn an entire college degree online? And we’re not just talking about associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees—even master’s degree can be earned through online degree programs. “What’s this?” you say, “I can actually get an education without having to deal with the inconvenience of campus life?” It’s true. And what’s more, you aren’t limited to just a few degree choices—there are literally hundreds of online degrees you can choose from.

What Online Degree Programs Are Available to Me?

The better question is what kind of degree are you interested in? Almost any undergraduate degree you want, or at the very least something similar to it, is available through online degree programs. Let’s say you love reading about psychology. You may even have a handful of psychology blogs you follow everyday just because you’re curious. If so, then here are some online degree programs that just may peak your interest: Post University Online offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Human Services with a Clinical Counseling Concentration, Liberty University Online offers a BA in Psychology with a focus on Crisis Counseling or Substance Abuse.

What if you are interested in art instead? Possibly you have some drawing talent or are good at digital graphic design? American Inter-Continental University Online has a plethora of fine arts degrees in their online school of design in areas such as Fashion Marketing and Design, Media Production, Web Design, Illustration, or Graphic Design. Post University Online also offers a certification program in Game Design and Animation if your interests lie in the ever-so-popular gaming sector.

As you can see, there are tons of possibilities. Only a very few were mentioned just now. You may have had no idea that there were so many online degree programs in existence. Hopefully this article will open your eyes to all the options that are available to further your education.

How Can I Possibly Qualify for Online Degree Programs?

An excellent question like this deserves an excellent answer: anyone with the desire and drive to get a degree can qualify for online degree programs. Of course, you will need a high school diploma first, but after that, it’s only a matter of deciding what career interests you and working for it!

So many people today feel like they are under qualified to go to college. But that is a horrible fallacy. If you feel like you aren’t good enough for school, that’s all the more reason why you should. It’s the people who want an education and feel like they are lacking that should go to school. Does the smartest person in the world need to go to college? Of course not, he’s already smart enough! It’s the rest of us who have to work hard for what we know that need to go to school in order to better ourselves.

Seriously, you should consider going to school and earning an online degree. Since you are on this page reading about online degree programs, then clearly you already have a tiny spark of interest. Once you start researching and see how many amazing programs there are, that spark is going to turn into a small flame, and then hopefully soon it will blaze into a full-fledged bonfire.

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