Career Options: Business Coach – Lisa J. Peck

Looking for a rewarding career with the flexibility and freedom that caters to the lifestyle of a mother? What about a business coach? Lisa J. Peck explains what she does as a business coach and they type of training and commitment to get where she is now.

As a busy mom, Lisa chose distance education to complete her college degree so she could juggle her personal, professional, and educational goals.

To learn more about a career in coaching, watch the video or read the transcript below.

Career Options: Business Coach Transcript

When I work with people I typically get hired as a business coach. I started out as an author and I published quite a few books. When you write books people start ask you to speak. So I started doing some speaking and when I gave the speeches people started wanting to work with me.

I was a little confused by that at the beginning. I’m not a therapist. And they said, “We don’t care. We want what you have. We want what you’re talking about.” And so I tried it out. I gave somebody a chance and I did some coaching with them, and I loved it. I found out that’s what I’d been doing my whole life and didn’t even know it.

Coaching is about moving forward. It’s about getting results. People hire coaches when they’re playing football in the NFL. Can you imagine them playing football without a coach? A stellar coach is somebody who has the education, who has the knowledge, and has the street smarts of what they are coaching in. They know what they’re doing. They’re educated and they’re continually educating themselves and stepping it up and learning more so they can stay above their clients, because the clients are growing and you got to keep learning.

When I did independent study, it really helped me balance my work, family, and all the other responsibilities. I wasn’t short changing my little babies at the critical times in their life. Just because I was having children was not an excuse to not get my education. The first steps in establishing yourself as a coach is becoming an expert in something and knowing what you have to give and what you have to offer to somebody else.

I would not have been successful if I didn’t have a really rich background of education. It’s a tough world out there. The more educated you are on who you are, the more successful you will be. People will be automatically attracted to you. College degrees are really, really important. They give you the basis of just being able to think at a higher level and how to research and get answers.


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