Career Options: Makeup Artistry – Dawn Weidauer

Make-up artist Dawn Weidauer is an expert in makeup for film and photography. If you’re thinking of becoming a make-up artist, you’ll want to watch this. Dawn shares insights on what it takes to get started, traits of people who excel in the industry, and what you need to do to succeed.¬†Dawn’s formal make-up artistry training helped equip her with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed.

To learn more about a career in makeup artistry, check out the video or read the transcript below.

Career Options: Makeup Artistry Transcript

What I enjoy most about my job is really connecting with people. I meet people that I otherwise probably wouldn’t meet and I’m in their space and we get to talk, at least just for a few minutes. And I honestly, I enjoy that it’s different every time I work.

Make-up artistry is just something that’s always interested me. I mostly do projects having to do with film or photography and I work with models, actors, TV personalities, and everyday people.

I think it’s really important as a make-up artist to stay current with what’s fresh and new. Perhaps that’s magazines and books or classes.

I have a college degree in communications and I went to a media make-up artistry school for my make-up training.

Make-up artists are really independent contractors and it’s more realistic when you’re starting to know that it will just be a part-time job probably for a little while as you grow your experience and your contacts.

A lot of people get started in make-up artistry by going to a school or possibly working at a cosmetics counter. I know in my experience that people that are positive and that are team-players and are helpful and kind are more successful than perhaps those that aren’t.

I kind of laugh ’cause the make-up artist ends up being the mom on set. I do make-up, I often style hair and wardrobe style also, and then I’m the one with safety pins and band-aids and a little bit of everything in my kit to take care of people on set.

My formal training in make-up artistry really gave me a lot of confidence that I knew what I was doing, that I had been trained in the specific areas of make-up artistry that are important for photography or film. It gave me a good base of knowledge as well as the confidence. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without my education.

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