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Online Colleges

Online Colleges

What do doctors, scientists, therapists and politicians all have in common? The answer doesn’t have anything to do with the kind of work they do. It has to do with the personalities of the professionals themselves and the fact that all of the men and women working in these jobs have earned a college degree. Doctors, scientists, therapists and politicians aren’t the only ones that have to go to college—so do journalists, nurses, professors, criminal investigators, graphic designers, computer experts and engineers. Let’s face it, in order to work in any profession that will fulfill your childhood dreams, you’ll need a college degree. Spending a minimum of 2 to 4 four years completing your education can make a huge difference in the rest of your life. And guess what? The entire education process has been extended into the digital world. Online colleges are now just as valuable as a traditional, campus-based college for most career paths.

The True Value of Online Colleges

Want to know how the world views online colleges? In a study released by Pew Research in August 2011, they found that 51 percent of college presidents (from campus-based schools) said that online colleges offer the same value of education as traditional higher education institutions. And what’s more, online courses are going to become critical to education for all grade levels—from preschool to a doctorate degree. These same college presidents also said that right now, about 15 percent of their students participate in online courses. This number is expected to grow drastically over the next few years.

If college presidents are predicting that online universities and courses will be vital to education, you can bet that the world of education is about to see some big changes. Even though most students are still leery of online schools, many of the people running institutions of higher education are confident that the quality of online education is equivalent to on-campus education. This is especially true now that most online colleges have received accreditation from governmental agencies to ensure quality.

Advantages of Online Schools and Universities

Before you decide whether online schools are for you or not, take a look at some of these advantages that are only available through online degree programs:

  1. Global. Online schools are available to individuals around the world. Whether you live it home, or have moved halfway across the world, you will be able to take online courses. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer.
  2. Flexible. Online courses give you the flexibility to work on your schoolwork any time of the day or night. If you work full-time, you’ll be able to fit in your reading and homework assignments during your lunch breaks or before and after work. Setting your own daily schedule is completely up to you. While most online colleges have an overall deadline for a course, you will be able to do the work within that larger time frame at any pace you wish.
  3. Lower costs. While online colleges do require a tuition fee like all other schools, they help you cut costs by not requiring you to commute, pay for housing, or waste precious time commuting to and from class when you could be studying. Less time travelling also means more time for working and earning money to pay for school. So not only do you have to pay less in living expenses when you take online courses, but you have more time to earn money by being able to set a more flexible schedule.
  4. Financial Aid. Just like traditional, campus-based schools, online schools can offer financial aid to any students who need it. This means that loans, grants, and scholarships will all still be applicable in the same manner for online schools as they are for traditional schools.
  5. Military. Going right along with financial aid benefits, military personnel will be able to use the GI Bill to help them pay for online schools as well as campus-based schools. Online colleges are just as supportive and willing to help those in the military as any other institution of higher education.
  6. Time with family. Last, and most important, is the fact that completing an education through an online institution will allow you to budget your time better. For those people who have a family, this can make it possible to adjust your schedule to meet the needs of family members. If you need to spend time with children, for example, you will be able to work your education around the more important process of raising a family. When you aren’t busy taking care of family, you’ll be able to snag a few minutes to work on your degree. And once you complete your college education, the quality of life for not only you, but everyone important to you, will improve.

Levels of Online College Degrees

Whether you want to be certified in a technical field, earn an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, or aspire to carry the title of “doctor”, online colleges can make it happen. My Colleges and Careers provides online tools that help students connect with the schools that can best help them complete their educational and career goals. It’s amazing how far even the smallest increase in education can take you. Don’t wait a day more to get started on your college degree!

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