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AIU Online

AIU Online

American Intercontinental University (AIU) provides people seeking a flexible quality higher education with ample career opportunities. AIU online offers some of the greatest advantages available through online schools today. If you are seeking a new direction in life, this may be the higher educational institution for you.

AIU Online Accreditation Advantage

One of the many advantages of AIU online is that it is an accredited online learning institution. Accreditation is a key component to successfully finding employment upon graduating from any university. Employers want graduates from regionally accredited colleges. They want the most qualified candidates, from the best schools, and for as little money as possible. You are in control of all these elements, and AIU will help you on your career path. They are a regionally accredited online university. A regional accreditation is the same type of accreditation traditional bricks and mortar state universities possess. The schools receive accreditation approvals from the same governing bodies.

These processes are voluntary. The government, nor the state, requires higher educational institutions to provide accreditation. The universities that do, like AIU, prove to employers the quality of education they provide is amongst the best in the country. You should note that if you find a university with a similar program as AIU, for substantially less money, you should check their accreditation status. It is very possible they have not received accreditation from a national accreditation organization. National accreditation is very different and often not seen as an acceptable degree by many employers. If you seek a career in any of the degree offerings at AIU, you will be required to complete a regionally accredited degree to achieve top careers in your preferred area of study.

Degree Level Advantage

Another advantage of AIU online is the degree levels they offer in various subjects. When you look at the AIU degree offerings, it is as though you are attending a bricks and mortar university. They have something for nearly everyone. Given the highly competitive state of the job market, it is crucial you think about your long-term educational goals from the beginning. If you are just starting your educational journey, it is far easier to continue your education with one accredited online university, rather than trying to transfer online schools after your first degree. Many times, the school you transfer to will not accept some of the credits. You may have to spend more time, and more money, for online courses you have already completed. By completing all your degrees with the same university, you will make your life much easier.

It is extremely important to complete a master’s degree if you want to achieve a key decision-making position, or even to simply become a manager. Several years ago, if you worked hard and had determination, you would receive a promotion in an appropriate amount of time. Today, if you work hard, have determination, and do not have a master’s degree, you will not receive that promotion.

AIU online provides degree levels of all kinds. You might start with an associate’s degree to procure the work experience you will need for career advancement. While you work to gain experience, continue taking online courses through AIU to complete your online bachelor’s degree. The flexibility of these programs will allow for you to work on assignments, watch video tutorials, speak with your professor during their virtual office hours, and prepare for exams from anywhere in the world. Once you complete your bachelor’s degree and receive a promotion, work on your online master’s degree through AIU.

Online Program Advantage

AIU online provides online programs to prepare you for some of the most in-demand and popular careers of today. Just like a brick and mortar university, AIU creates separate schools for their most established degree programs. You might consider applying to the school of business, the school of design, the school of education, the school of criminal justice, or the school of information technology. If you are thinking about a business degree, consider a specialization in areas such as international business, accounting, finance, or healthcare management. If you are interested in information technology, consider specializations in areas such as digital investigations, IT project management, or network administration. Each school within AIU provides specializations that will provide you with incredible professional opportunities upon graduation.

AIU online is not an ordinary online university, but rather it is extraordinary. AIU sets the standard for online education, which all other schools should follow. If you seek an exemplary educational opportunity, online or otherwise, this is the higher learning institution for you.

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