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ITT Tech Reviews

ITT Tech Reviews

Are you interested in earning a technical degree? If so, you have probably heard of ITT Tech and may even be considering attending this school. Before you make a decision, however, make sure you thoroughly understand what the school is and how it works. Although many people have had a wonderful experience with ITT Tech, it is not for everyone (but what school is?). It is important to gather as much information as possible from ITT Tech Reviews to help you make your final decision.

ITT Tech was started in 1946 in Carmel, Indiana. Since its humble beginnings, the school has spread to over 30 different states in the United States and has over 85 campuses. Students at any of the campuses can earn associates, bachelors, or masters level degrees in a variety of specialized programs that meet their individual interests. Another great facet of this school is that it offers a wide range of online degrees for those who prefer a distance education. The stated goal of the school is to provide a traditional academic education combined with hands-on practical experience in the campus labs. This is to prepare students to work in technical fields after graduation and it seems to work. Many ITT Tech graduates state that they had job offers upon, or before, graduation.

ITT Tech reviews – pros

According to many ITT Tech reviews, this school offers the largest number of associates and bachelors degrees in electronics and electronic-related programs in the country. Most reviews also state that the school has earned its good name for well-designed programs and excellence in education. Many students who graduate from ITT Tech achieve tremendous success in their chosen field. In addition, ITT Tech offers a decent tuition rate as well as degrees in graphic design, criminal justice, and business administration.

ITT Tech reviews – cons

Most student ITT Tech reviews are positive, with most students showing complete satisfaction in their education. There are some student complaints, however. At the top of the list is the fact that ITT Tech’s national accreditation makes it difficult to transfer credits to many educational institutions that only accept credits from regionally accredited schools. Still others felt that they didn’t get a good value for their money and/or that the faculty in some classes weren’t qualified to teach the subject.

In short, ITT Tech has provided a great education to many of its alumni but, as with all schools, it has received complaints in some of the ITT Tech reviews. Whether this is due to a poor fit with students or a shortcoming of the school is up for debate. Most reviews seem to have at least as many good reviews as bad from current and past students. The only way to truly know if it is a good school is for you is to check it out for yourself. Speak to some ITT Tech students and some school representatives to get a good idea of whether or not it is the right school for you.

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