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Mortician School

Mortician School

As a Mortician or funeral director, you will be responsible for the physical post-mortem body, as well as the emotional needs of the family. This is a highly valued career because of its necessity and sensitivity. Helping and comforting grieving family members can be difficult at best, and it is sometimes heart wrenching. However, as a funeral director, you are responsible for their well-being. You must make sure that the services run in the proper manner. You will be responsible to organize, prepare, and participate in the funeral services, according to the wishes of the family. You train to prepare the body for the grave, including embalming or cremating. You will also be responsible for all of the legal work of the deceased. Mortician school provides you with the knowledge and skills that you need to make it in this profession.

Because their job is so varied, morticians must train in a number of different skills, many of which require attendance at mortician school. Some of these skills include embalming and cremation. However, it is also important for a mortician to understand anatomy, physiology, psychology, pathology, and business management. Mortician licensing typically requires two or more years of school, an apprenticeship, and a state specific examination. Although this career requires certain strength of character and a human touch, anyone can realistically become a funeral director in only a few short years. Funeral directors find that they hold a very stable job. Salaries and benefits are good across the United States. Moreover, many morticians find their jobs to be emotionally rewarding, as they help and comfort families during a very vulnerable time.

Mortician School Education

Getting your degree in mortuary science is extremely important in this particular field for a number of reasons. Mortician school is critical in order to gain experience working with cadavers. Students often cite their first time working with a body as being the most difficult. However, emotional and mental stress accompanies working with the dead. This may be especially true when working with children. After working with cadavers for a certain period, you will become desensitized and professional in your work. You will learn how to deal with bodies safely and effectively. Working with bodies carries with it some risk. For example, you will be required to work extensively with formaldehyde, which puts you at risk of exposure. Students have to protect against infectious diseases.

While many mortuary students feel isolated from the rest of the student body because of their narrow field of study, mortuary science will actually expose you to a large number of fields and require a wide array of classes. Psychology classes will help you to understand the grieving process, prepare you to work with families, and provide support tools. You will also take business classes. As a funeral director, you will essentially be a small business owner, responsible for every aspect of the funeral home. You will need to have a firm grasp of best business practices, taxes, and filing legal forms.

Mortician schools will also allow you to analyze yourself so that you know whether this career path is the right one for you. Being a funeral director takes an exceptionally strong and compassionate individual. Many universities have noted that there is a high dropout rate from this program, which is to be expected. However, even if you drop out, mortician colleges expose you to many different fields, one of which may be of more interest to you.

Earning a Degree in Mortuary Science

Earning a degree in mortuary science from a mortician school can take as little as two years, but it provides you with the necessary education, as well as access to a good apprenticeship programs. These degrees are also flexible. Owning a funeral home requires a certain level of education. Regardless of how you use your degree, the more knowledge you have, the better off you will be.



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