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Network Administrator Schools

Network Administrator Schools

Companies have become very technical in recent years. As computers are cheaper and more user friendly they have started moving all of their data onto servers to be used between all computer users in their offices. Considering the vast amount of data most companies must keep on file it is nearly impossible for them to transfer this data to each computer they own. Instead they network all of their systems to share the data, regardless of the systems distance from the central servers. This network sends and receives data throughout their network system, but to ensure there are no problems, companies need to hire graduates from network administrator schools.

Network administrator schools come in a wide variety. Technical schools will help you earn a certificate to let you start the soonest of all the choices. On the other hand, traditional colleges will let you earn an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in network administration. While technical schools are valuable tools, most network administrators will end up earning a formal degree at some point in their career. There are quiet a few reasons for this.

Network Administrator Schools

Network administrator schools do more than train you for this position. They also give you proof to show companies that you have the ability to meet deadlines, work as a group and are formally trained in network administration. Graduates with degrees from network administrator schools will also have better reception in the job market and should earn more money over the course of their careers.

Starting out, network admins should expect $45,000 to $60,000 a year. With some experience they can earn over $80,000 a year. One option is to earn a certificate from a technical school or an associate’s from a community college and start working in an entry level position. Once you have settled into this position, go back to school to finish your degree. Experience and education are both very important in this field and working while you attend school will give you a good amount of both once you earn your degree.

Going to College

Working and going to school may seem like a near impossibility. With a busy schedule already, finding time each day may be a hurdle you do not think you can overcome. Fortunately, because of the technology you will be working with, schools are able to offer online degree programs. These programs allow you to earn a degree without ever attending a physical class.

At the start of an online degree program your instructor will send you a schedule, or you will download it from a web interface designed by the school. You will use this schedule to follow along with the instructors lesson plans. Due dates will be assigned for textbook study, homework, such as essays or reports, tests and quizzes. While you must complete this work no later than the due date, you decide each day how and when to work on these assignments.

This freedom gives you the ability to choose your school schedule on a daily basis. In contrast, traditional classroom study requires you to designate a schedule at the start of a semester and changing it can be very difficult. Find the right network administrator schools.

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