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Online Colleges that Offer Laptops

Online Colleges that Offer LaptopsStudents all across the country and oversees realize the convenience and cost-effectiveness of distance education, where they can earn their college degree in an online format. With this type of delivery method, students receive the same high quality education that they expect from a traditional college, without the inconvenience and expense of moving closer to a campus. The one aspect that keeps most students from attending online colleges is the requirement that they own a computer with the necessary software for word processing and Internet. These prospective students have run out of excuses for starting their education online. Today, online colleges understand that students need computers, but many students cannot afford to purchase a new compute. As a result, we see many online colleges that offer laptops for their students to use during college educations.

Online Colleges That Offer Laptops: The Fine Print

When students see that there are online colleges that offer laptops to their students, they think that there is some kind of catch. The catch can include paying more for tuition or that signing away their life for access to a laptop. This is typically not the case. Most of the online colleges that provide laptops to their students have already incorporated the cost into the tuition. Therefore, you will pay the same price for tuition whether you utilize the laptop benefit or not. Most colleges list this expense as a lab or equipment fee on all the billing documents for your tuition. The only fine print that most colleges have when offering these high quality laptops is that students maintain the laptop until the time they graduate.

The laptop typically remains the property of the college until the student graduates. Therefore, the school needs to be sure that the laptop returns to them free of any damages. According to, most colleges give the laptops to the students upon graduation ( They view the gift as a reward for all of the hard work throughout their education. Rarely will students see in fine print the clause that they cannot drop out or transfer to another school. The school will require that the computer returns to them in good working order or the student may opt to purchase it at a reduced rate.

Qualifications for Laptops

Online colleges that provide laptops to their students typically do not require any qualifications that the student must provide before they can be eligible for the laptop program. Most of online colleges offer laptops to all of the students as part of the online learning method. The only real requirement is that you are an enrolled student of the school. On the other hand, some agencies not affiliated with the college may offer laptops to students who attend online colleges. You should thoroughly research these agencies. When it comes time to pay, the service may require a larger payment for the laptop as a rental fee. Most of these services are scams. Therefore, it is better for students to locate one of the top online colleges that offer laptops, as opposed to a third party service.

Reasoning Behind Online Colleges that Provide Laptops

Online colleges that provide laptops are becoming the wave of the future. These colleges know that many students struggle financially and that the average college student simply cannot afford additional costs associated with their education. Therefore, schools provide this type of service to their students for a number of reasons. The first reason is that students will be more willing to begin their education if they believe it is going to be cost-effective for them. Additionally, if students graduate, schools will typically allow the students to keep that computer. An authority on the subject, the website “Online Colleges that Offer Laptops” says that every student that is interested in obtaining a laptop for college should do their research beforehand to ensure what the school’s terms are in the first place.

The online colleges that offer laptops to all of their enrolled students provide a new service never before proposed by these institutions. Since the introduction of the concept, more online colleges are seeing not only their enrollment rates go up, but the graduation rates of their students are on the rise as well. When students receive a reward for their hard work, such as a laptop, they work harder to achieve their goals. Schools that offer laptops will see students work harder and achieve success throughout their education and future careers.

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