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Online Courses

Online CoursesOnline courses are not for the weak-willed, or the easily distracted. If you are determined to earn a college education and ready to commit the time and effort, you may want to consider enrolling in online classes. Whether you seek to gain some technical training in fashion merchandising, complete an MBA, or get a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can do it from the comfort of your own computer chair.

The Unique Nature of Online Courses

It’s 1 a.m. Jamie unlocks her apartment door after a late night shift at her full-time job. Work was hectic that evening, as usual. She was too keyed up to go to sleep right away. Flipping open her laptop she blinks at the brightness of the screen. After giving her eyes a second to adjust, she quickly scans her emails before opening a new browser window. Clicking on her “bookmarks” bar, she immediately finds herself on the homepage for her Statistics 210 class. For the next hour she finishes reading from her textbook, completes a set of problems, and takes a quick quiz. By the time she is ready for bed, she is one step closer to earning her MBA and getting a promotion to the day shift at her job.

The tale above is just one example of what life might be like if you take online courses. Note that taking classes online gives you the flexibility to work anywhere, at any time—even in the middle of the night if you feel so inclined. Online classes are also unique because you can work on them from anywhere in the world that happens to have an Internet connection. As technology continues to develop and online courses become more and more popular, their availability and diversity will continue to grow.

Every online college has something unique to offer. Students should speak with a school advisor to learn about what degrees and courses are available, average program completion time, what the faculty and staff are like, graduation rates and what kinds of jobs alumni have found. The ultimate goal of any online course is to train and prepare you to find a successful career.

Features of Online Courses

If you have never taken an online course before, you are probably vague on how it all works. Here are a few things you are going to need to know about online courses:

1. Well-developed. Most online schools have a well-developed online platform for their courses. Through the schools’ individual hubs, you will be able to log in and find all the material for your course. There will be assignments, tests, quizzes, reading and discussion boards for each class.

2. Flexible Time Frame. Typically, you are given 8-10 weeks to complete each course. You may work as fast or as slowly as necessary during that time in order to get the work done. You will be allowed to take one to two courses during this time period, allowing you to give all your focus to learning a few things in a short time. As soon as one term ends, another begins and you will be able to start on your next set of courses.

3. Communication with Teachers. One of the hallmarks of any online course is that you will be able to have frequent contact with the professor through email and online discussion boards. Any questions you have will be answered quickly, just as it would if you had set up an appointment to speak with a professor face-to-face at a traditional school.

4. Peer Communication. Discussion boards are almost always available for peer communication. As you work on coursework, you will be able to enter into discussions with peers who are also taking the course and studying in the same field. This can be useful in helping you be successful in the course and staying on schedule.

5. Interactive. When online courses were first created, they were information-based rather than interactive. However, the past decade has seen absolutely incredible advances in technology. This means that online courses are becoming even more like any traditional campus class. Nursing courses, for example, offer interactive programs that give you the opportunity to explore the human body.

Every online school presents their online courses in a slightly different way, but they all have the end goal of giving you a high-quality education. Despite stigmas, the majority of college presidents now acknowledge that online courses are the future of education.

Motivating Yourself to Earn a Degree

Earning a college degree is not easy, no matter what your situation is in life. However, online courses are making the process more comfortable and accessible for everyone. They are ideal for anyone trying to fit school around family responsibilities, work or other important time commitments. Students can study whenever or wherever they want, as long as they complete the coursework before the course deadline. Variable study time allows gives you the freedom to complete your education. By earning a college degree and qualifying for high-quality jobs, you increase not only your own quality of life, but that of all those around you. Online courses are now equivalent in quality and value as any traditional campus-based course. With such easy accessibility, there is almost no excuse for you not to get started on your education today!

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