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Accredited Online Teaching Degrees

Accredited Online Teaching Degrees

There are currently a number of programs which offer accredited online teaching degrees. These programs are accredited by bodies specializing in both education and distance learning, and offer a competitive curriculum which can typically be completed in one to two years. Classes from an online college or an online university can be completed at a person’s own pace, allowing people who are already employed in another career or who need to stay at home to care for a family, to harness this exciting career opportunity.

Accredited Online Teaching Degree Programs

Students should learn about the accrediting bodies which certify online teaching degrees to ensure that they choose to enroll in online teaching degree programs which are widely recognized by employers and school districts. Other things to consider include the cost and flexibility of an online or other distance learning program.

It is also helpful to investigate other services and support a school offers. For example, does the program have connections to relevant school districts at which prospective students can do an internship or function as a student teacher? And are there services offered to help place graduates in job positions? Finally, what are the financial considerations for each program? Taking a hard look at these criteria can help students choose the right accredited online degrees for their needs.

Why Get an Accredited Online Teaching Degree

Accredited online teaching degrees can be used to seek employment as a teacher at almost any grade level and in the study subject of your choice. Today, schools have rising wages, changing positions, interesting atmosphere and most of all, an ever increasing demand for new teachers to fill new and empty positions. A teacher is almost guaranteed employment anywhere their degree is accredited, can easily transfer schools should they wish a change of pace and is guaranteed to receive a high wage, even from a low income school.

Due to online education, students who wish to earn accredited online teaching degrees may earn their bachelors’ degree, begin work as an accredited teacher and earn their masters’ degree online while they work. This allows a teacher to enter their career much more quickly and to study while earning job experience that will help to earn a higher wage and increase employment options.

Federal Aid for Online Teaching Degree Programs

Because the Federal Government is pushing schools to enroll more students at a higher teacher/student ratio, they are also providing financial aid for students who wish to become teachers. The TEACH grant (Teacher Education Assistance for Colleges and Higher Education) is available for any student who agrees to teach for a minimum of 4 years in a high need school. The Teach grant gives students up to $4,000 per year in student aid. This aid does not have to be repaid and can be used for tuition, tuition supplies and etc. The Teach Grant can also be used to supplement another grant such as the federal Pell Grant or a student loan.

Accredited online teaching degrees at any degree level can be used to secure employment, earn job experience and to qualify for new and better job positions. Earning your degree online can not only save you time and money but allow you to hold a full time job while you study or to stay at home and care for family or spend your time doing something you enjoy. No matter what you intend to teach; there are accredited online teaching degrees to suit your needs.

Job Opportunities for Teachers

Nearly a quarter of the American population is under eighteen years old, and the vast majority of young children are enrolled in primary, secondary, or post-secondary education programs. The federal government and many state governments have pushed to reduce class sizes and increase instructor availability as well as the number of classroom hours per year. Unsurprisingly, this has fueled an explosive demand for qualified teachers to teach in a wide variety of subjects and age groups.

While many school districts used to accept most individuals with a college degree in a relevant subject for hiring on as a new teacher, with final training completed “on the job,” increasingly; higher standards, higher teacher wages and less school budget will require that teacher hires have some sort of formal teaching credentials.

Average Teacher Salary

The average teacher salary is over $40,000 per year with bachelors’ degree and $51,000 for a teacher with a masters’ degree. On average, the capping rate for a teacher with bachelors’ degree is around $44,000 per year while masters’ degree teachers can earn as much as $69,000 per year!

If you want a fast paced, challenging job that allows you to help others, interact with children of any age and to benefit society in a way that few can; then becoming a teacher is for you.

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