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Cost of Online Degrees

cost of online degrees

Online degrees are a very popular form of education. With the benefits of being able to take classes wherever you are and whenever it is convenient for you, this is an excellent option for working professionals and busy parents alike.

When deciding if online degrees are right for you, the cost of online degrees can be a deciding factor. Depending on the type of degree you are earning and the kind of school you are attending, the cost of online degrees can cost anywhere between about $200 and $450 per credit hour. This means that tuition for an online degree could cost somewhere between $12,000 and $27,000. This amount could vary greatly depending on several factors, including the length of the program you are enrolled in.

What You Are Paying For

The cost of online degrees also include for books, fees, and equipment. Application fees for online degrees are usually between $30 and $100. Depending on the program, and degree being earned, a student could spend as much as $2,000 on text books before they graduate.

Other costs like registration fees and computer equipment costs should also be taken into consideration. These incidental costs may vary greatly due to different factors. The best way to find out what other fees and costs are associated with an online program are to contact the school and speak with an advisor.

Benefits of Online Degrees

Even though online degrees can be expensive, it is important to remember what an online degree is actually worth. A degree earned online could mean a large salary increase, a better job, and even a better career path.

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