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Fast Online Degrees

Fast Online Degrees

While there is no hard-and-fast rule to how fast online degrees can be earned, there is a time range that can be used to estimate how quickly you can earn your degree. Some degrees can be finished in just a year, while others may take a few years.

In general, associate’s degrees take less time to finish, while bachelor’s degrees may take a little longer, and master’s degrees can take even more time to complete. The type of degree you are earning is also a determining factor in the amount of time it will take to finish the program.

Earn Your Fast Online Degree

Stevens-Henager College and the University of the Rockies offer online degrees that can be earned in 15-20 months. One of the great benefits of online degrees is the ability to earn your degree at a pace that works for you. You can spread courses out and earn your degree in a few years, or you can finish courses more quickly and graduate with your degree sooner.

Some schools offer accelerated online programs that make it possible to finish degree requirements at a faster pace. To find out how long it will take you to finish a specific program, contact a school advisor.

Online Degrees vs. On Campus Degrees

Online degrees make it possible to earn your degree much faster than you would if you were on campus. By finishing classes more quickly you can meet program requirements faster than you would on campus.

However, these programs also make it possible to spread out program requirements and take more time to earn your online degree so you can focus on a career or family.

Use College Credits to Earn Your Online Degrees Fast

Many schools such as the Florida Institute of Technology or Kaplan University will accept previously earned credits towards earning your degree. This means that if you have studied a similar program in the past but were forced to quit for any reason, you may use your credits to advance in the course and complete your degree more quickly.

In many cases schools that accept credit transfer will accept you for the course so long as you are willing to complete at least 25% of the schools program! If you have completed most of a course for your degree in the past; your credits can be used to shorten your study time by up to 75%.

Life Experience Can Help You Earn Fast Degrees Online

In many cases life experience such as a job on the subject will count towards basic classes in your school. In some cases online degree programs will allow you to skip tutorials, introductory classes and some study time if your life experience indicates that you are an expert in the subject. This can cut study time so that you earn your online degree quickly and easily.

Some schools such as Capella University accept up to half of your college credits from on the job learning and experience!
Contact a school advisor to discuss your options for using life experience to earn your degree more quickly.

Passing Tests

In many cases college credits can be earned by passing skills tests. For example CLEP, DANTES, ECE, GRE and TECP tests will all add credits to your score. These can then be used to finish your online degree more quickly.

Most of these tests require self-taught knowledge, former study or on the job experience to complete however, it usually does not matter where you gained the knowledge so long as you pass the test.

The amount of credits awarded per test tends to vary per school but on average the amount is 20-45 credits per test.

2 + 2 Programs

2 + 2 Programs are one of the most efficient ways of finishing your online program quickly. However, this type of program requires that you already have an Associate’s Degree. The program usually allows most or all of the 2 year Associate’s degree study to be used towards earning a Bachelor’s degree which means you can earn your Bachelor’s degree in as little as 2-3 years!

Not all colleges offer 2+2 programs but many of them do. If you do not see the program on the schools online website or list of courses, try discussing the option with a school advisor to ascertain that the school does or does not have the course and whether you are eligible.

When searching for fast online degrees, remember to always choose accredited schools so that when you graduate, you will receive a genuine degree. Remember to avoid scams that offer degrees in only months or weeks. Any degree that does not offer a comprehensive study program with college credits and study material is not genuine and cannot be used for career advancement or success.

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