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Online Degree Reviews

Online Degree Reviews

How does one know whether or not to trust online degree reviews? A few helpful tips will allow you to decipher between legitimate reviews and intended sabotage reviews. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions, some are more trustworthy than others.

The Reviews

Reading online degree reviews is often extremely difficult to ascertain the good reviews from the bad reviews. This is not to say someone giving nothing but praises for a program is a good review. A good review is often one which is incredibly objective and details the personal experience of individual decisions rather than only providing a one-sided story.

Also, it is important to evaluate the content of all reviews. You need to know which information is good information and which is not as good. If you read reviews upon reviews about how people were immediately accepted into a program and received top marks after they were an average or less-than-average high school student, these may read as good reviews; however, in actuality, they may be bad. If you pursue online degrees from online universities which accept all applicants and provide top grades to everyone, these may not be viewed as quality higher learning institutions by top employers. Do not forget to be objective when looking at online degree reviews to determine whether or not the online programs are right for your personal interests. If someone reviews online degrees in science from a particular university to be less than ideal, this does not mean their other university degree programs are not solid.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is often an area where people provide incredibly negative reviews. Some online colleges may very well deserve a negative review regarding their financial aid programs. It seems several online schools have a high turnover in certain positions such as financial advisors. In some instances, program participants get lost in the transition, and communication is lacking from the university to the student. While this is, of course, a warranted concern of a distance education provider, it is not necessarily a negative review.

Each student is equally as responsible for monitoring their financial position as the school. If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact the school immediately to ensure you are not lost. Also, it is crucial to closely monitor your financial aid each term. You should monitor how much you have remaining at the beginning of the term, how much you will spend on courses throughout the term, and how much should be remaining at the end. If your numbers do not match at the beginning and end of the term, you should contact your financial aid office immediately to resolve the matter. One of the biggest complaints in regards to financial aid is from students receiving large bills for their online courses not covered by financial aid upon graduation. If you closely monitor your aid packages as previously mentioned, you should not have such issues.

It is important to look at online degree reviews to determine the overall feel for the online programs; however, in the end, the decision should be based on your professional interests rather than the interests of others.

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