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Online Degrees vs. Campus Degrees

Online Degrees vs. Campus Degrees

This is the New Age old question: Which degree is better, one from an online program or one from a campus-based program? This is the age of the Internet and social networking. Much of our communication, flirting, and hiring is done all online. So when the discussion is brought up, “online degrees vs. campus degrees,” there is little distinction between the two. Oftentimes employers will not know how you earned your degree. And you will earn your degree. College is not easy. It is very difficult. And the tests, book publishers, and professors do not differentiate between online and campus courses. The answer to the question depends wholly upon you and your situation.

Online Degrees vs. Campus Degrees

There is nobclear-cut winner in the battle between online degrees vs. campus degrees. Online degrees are geared to the working professional and those who have responsibilities which do not allow them to leave the home for very long periods of time. You may have a family with children and only have time to attend classes and do your homework while your children are in school. Online learning gives you the flexibility to take care of your family, be there for emergencies, and tend to sick children while not missing a class. If you are working, online learning lends itself to go at your own pace. You can take your lunch break to read over an assignment and prepare for the upcoming evening class discussion.

Campus Degrees

Campus degrees are the winners for some in the battle of online degrees vs. campus degrees. The winners on this team enjoy being in the classroom, having the time to spare to drive to campus and wait for the professor to show up to class. Most students are younger, fresh out of high school or a stint in the military and flourish in the social atmosphere a college campus brings. Your professors will see your face and know you by name, so you are in a better situation to call on them after graduation for a reference letter for a graduate school or job application. The campus degree is more about the experience of learning and living on a college campus than it is about actually learning.


Sit down and take a serious look at your situation and find out what works best for you. Do not count out an online program because you are not a fan of the school’s football team. Some of the bigger-name schools now offer both online and campus degrees. In reality, in the fight of online degrees vs. campus degrees, the only winner is you. You can have the best of both worlds. You can learn at home for some of your least favorite classes, attend campus for your favorites, and still enjoy the social benefits campus living and learning offer. Make a list of what you expect out of earning your degree and find the school that matches you best. You deserve to enjoy your degree-earning experience, and your employer will want to see that you were involved in your school community.

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