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What Can You Do With a Business Administration Degree?

What Can You Do With a Business Administration Degree?

Business administration is one of the best careers for organized professionals with excellent communication, technology, and people skills. Business administration undergraduates will find themselves in many of the same courses as business management undergraduates. The two specialties tend to overlap in many areas, so the basic coursework covers the business skills needed to succeed in both positions. A business administrator needs to function in any large organization, as an administrator or a manager. What can you do with a business administration degree involves advanced learning and gaining work experience.


Smaller companies frequently require the business administrator to handle a variety of responsibilities and do not necessarily need both a business manager and a business administrator. Education, health, and public service are all fields that usually need administrators in addition to managers, although many large private corporations require a team of managers and administrators.

Sometimes the duties of both administrator and manager combine into one position. It is in the interest of the prospective business administration student to do their homework regarding the fields they are interested in pursuing. This allows them to better prepare by selecting the appropriate coursework for the jobs that utilize their education. What can you do with a business administration degree mainly depends on the kind of career that a student wants to pursue.

It is important that anyone looking into what can you do with a business administration degree selects a specialty field. Work with your college to design a business administration degree program that focuses on a specialty within administration, such as educational or medical administration.

What Skills Does a Business Administrator Need?

Business administration requires the ability to implement business strategies, developed at the upper management level, and communicate the strategies to lower level staff so that the processes of the business run smoothly. An administrator also has to have a good understanding of information technology, finances, and budgeting, as they work within a company budget to participate in staffing decisions, purchasing decisions, and computer technology implementation. Just as a business manager, a business administrator has to wear many hats in the day-to-day operation of an organization. They must be comfortable with making decisions that affect other people and handling tremendous responsibility.

Successful organizations seek experienced administrators who are flexible and always willing to learn new ideas and methods to help an organization run smoothly. It is common for administrators go back to college once they have worked in the business world for a few years. The median salary for a well-educated business administrator usually starts at seventy thousand dollars a year. Many administrators increase their earning potential by taking online courses through accredited colleges to keep their business expertise fresh.

Smart business administrators use their online courses towards procuring MBA degrees. Public and private agencies like to promote from within and they frequently offer professional development to their managers in the form of seminars, conferences, and online courses to help their management staff stay on the cutting edge of the latest techniques and trends in the industry. What can you do with a business administration degree is work in any field that requires well-educated, organized, and competent administrators.

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