New College Degree Programs


Higher education is often considered one of the most important things a person can obtain in their lives, as it opens the doors to more fulfilling careers and higher salaries. For those who are looking to begin an exciting career or to advance the one that they are currently in, a college degree from an online college is the smart choice. Many who have busy schedules or time-consuming jobs choose to earn online college degrees. It is vital that those seeking an online degree find a program from an accredited school. It is also important to keep track of the new online degrees being offered. To help students earn their degree online, has found a number of new online degrees being offered by the top online colleges.

New Online Degrees Being Offered By’s Recommended Schools

  1. Educational Doctorate in Reading and Literacy – Capella University
  2. Doctor of Health Administration -Capella University
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Psychology – Capella University
  4. Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice – Strayer University
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science – Walden University
  6. Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration – Walden University
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