Top 10 Best Online Colleges

  1. Everest University Online Click for More Info
  2. Strayer University Click for More Info
  3. Liberty University Online Click for More Info
  4. Rasmussen College Click for More Info
  5. Kaplan University Online Click for More Info
  6. Southern New Hampshire Click for More Info
  7. Anthem College Online Click for More Info
  8. Argosy University Online Click for More Info
  9. AIU Online Click for More Info
  10. Walden University Online Click for More Info

Top 10 Best Online Colleges

Best Online Colleges

With the rising popularity of the best online colleges, it can be difficult for students to find the school that is best for them. With numerous options available and only a small idea of what they are looking for, most students will quickly become confused or simply apply to the first university they find that offers the course they wish to study. However, some schools are better than others and some are more suited to one person rather than another. My Colleges and Careers recommends that each student research their school before attending and as a guide to help potential students, has assembled a list of 10 online universities worth checking out, or rather a list of the best online colleges.

The Best Online Colleges for Your Career

Be sure to check out many as many colleges as you can within your time limits. Many prospective students find that applying to multiple online schools increases their chances of finding the college that best suits their career choice and personality type. For example, if you are religious, there are several colleges that pertain specifically to religion. Some colleges focus more on sports and athletics, while others focus on specific schools of study, such as math or the visual arts. So don’t be afraid to apply to multiple colleges, that way you are sure to find one that fits your style and career choice!

How Do I Pick the Best Online Universities?

Two of the hardest decisions for students to make are

  1. which school to attend, and
  2. what degree to earn.

With the rising popularity of online universities and online colleges, those seeking higher education have more choices than ever. Some online universities are better suited for an individual than others, depending on time requirements, area of study or the level of education sought. Students may wish to find an online university more focused around adults seeking to advance their careers, while others are looking for a school more focused around first-time college students. The top online colleges have a wide variety of degrees and concentrations, while others are more “career-focused” and help students develop specific job skills. As a guide to help potential students to make these important decisions, has assembled a list of the 10 Best Online Universities.

Best Online Schools by Accreditation

An accredited school is one that has been approved to grant diplomas in the courses that they study. Colleges and Universities that have been accredited for longer periods of time are generally more respected than schools that have only been recently accredited.

Best Online Colleges for Value

In most cases you can probably be quite sure that you would like to receive the best education for your money. Any accredited school is required to meet a minimum of education requirements; however, some schools go above and beyond their basic limitations. By doing basic research online, offline or by talking to former students, it can be easy to ascertain the value of a school. For example, some of the best online colleges have even achieved honors and awards for some of their learning programs. Other methods of finding the best online colleges by value include, seeking online reviews, taking a virtual or physical tours of the college campus and studying the material.

The Best Online Colleges According To Student Body

It can usually be assumed that there is a reason more students choose to attend one particular school over another. Sometimes this is because of convenience but usually it is because of price, relaxed deadlines, high graduation rates or a wide variety of available study subjects. Many of the schools with the highest student body population are in My Colleges and Careers list of top 10 best schools online.

The Best Online Universities for Your Career

Feel free to do more research on any, or all, of the schools in this list. Most of them offer student reviews on the coursework, professors, degree programs and career placement services. Remember to research the degree you would like to pursue before selecting a school.

Many schools offer programs that specialize in one form of study or another and selecting schools by study programs offered can be a great way to effectively narrow down your list of prospective schools. Remember to apply to as many colleges as you would like, information is 100% free and does not require any commitment. Learn about the school, their study programs, their teachers and if possible student graduation rates, etc. Deciding whether you would like to attend a smaller college that specializes in one or two programs or encompasses a wide variety of study courses can also be helpful. All of this knowledge will help you to choose one of the best online colleges to attend.

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