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Ashford University Athletics

Ashford University Athletics

When you choose Ashford University for your educational needs, you may not be aware that this college also offers an Ashford University athletics program that is not available through most of the best online colleges. With so many athletics to choose from, any student with any background will be able to participate and play in their favorite sport, whether it is basketball, golf or everything in between, the Ashford University athletics department offers it. While Ashford strives to be one of the best online colleges, they do have various requirements the student must meet before entering into one of the athletic programs available at the college.


Before you can participate in the Ashford University athletics program, you must be enrolled at least part time in the college campus located near Clinton, Iowa. While you need to take some courses here, you may supplement your traditional courses with various online courses as well. In addition, you must also earn grades that prove you can handle both school and recreation. Generally, if you continuously earn a 2.0 GPA or better, you may continue to participate in the Ashford University athletics program. However, if your GPA falls below this point, the department will begin to question if you can successfully handle both the athletics and your courses.

Men’s  and Women’s Sports

Most of the best online colleges offer great classes. However, Ashford University athletics is one of the very few who also offer these sports programs for their students as well. Men can choose from a wide variety of sports including your basic ball sports, such as basketball, baseball and soccer, but then they blend in a little golf, bowling and track and field. Tennis and cross country round out the entire men’s program, ensuring there is an activity for everyone, no matter what your background or favorite sport is. In addition, the athletics department at Ashford will offer various athletic scholarships to those who have shown outstanding talent in their sport, providing the Ashford Saints with an upper hand in that sport. This is a great way to earn your online Bachelors degree while participating in the school, even though most of your courses are completed online.

The woman’s portion of the Ashford athletics program is very similar to that of the men’s section. However, instead of baseball there is softball and then the addition of volleyball. All of these sports give the Saints the upper hand on most of the best online colleges since most of them are not set-up for athletics like Ashford is. When most people think of distance learning, they figure that you cannot play sports and achieve a degree from one of the top online universities. This is no longer the case, with Ashford University athletics program, everyone can benefit from going back to college through a combination of distance learning and traditional learning while continuing to play the sports they love. This is just one thing that makes these online colleges stand out above the rest.

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