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Best Online Colleges for Education Majors

Best Online Colleges for Education Majors

If you are considering getting a degree in education, you are making a great decision for your future. Depending on the degree you choose, you may work as a teacher, an administrator, a policymaker, a researcher, or in many other positions. Since education is the basis of our society, there is no more important field to enter that will allow you to work toward the betterment of our world. If you are ready to enter this vibrant, exciting field, now is an ideal time to go back to college and start your career training through one of the best online colleges for education majors.

What you will learn at the best online colleges for education majors

If you want to become a teacher, the minimum degree you should pursue from the best online colleges for education majors is a bachelor’s degree. However, you should get your master’s degree if you wish to earn more, be qualified for more positions, and eliminate the need for recurring continuing education requirements. Your studies will require a minimum of four years of full-time study and will include a full range of general education classes such as English, science, mathematics, history, political science, ethics, communication, and more. In addition, you will take a range of courses that are more geared toward education such as multicultural understanding, child development, children’s literature, special education needs, teaching theory and methodology, and more.

You will also need to complete a period of student teaching, which will require some on-site practice in addition to the courses offered by your degree program. During student teaching, you will take responsibility for all aspects of a classroom teacher job, though you will work under the direct supervision of a cooperating teacher and a university supervisor. Successful completion of student teaching is a requirement for graduation from many programs.

Further requirements for those wishing to become classroom teachers include passing state licensing exams. Typically, this involves completing four parts of the Praxis II exam. Once you pass the exams, you can become licensed as an apprentice teacher and go to work in your own classroom.

If you wish to enter an education career that doesn’t involve working in a classroom, you can complete all of the requirements for your degree through online courses without the need of on-site experience. It is important, however, to make sure that you select a degree program that will offer what you need for your chosen career, whether that be in research, policy, administration, or others.

Where to find the best online colleges for education majors

Some of the top online schools offer excellent education degrees. You can find such programs through many traditional colleges and universities as well as many online-only institutes of higher learning. Take the time to research several options before you commit to one. This research will ensure that you receive the ideal education for your needs.

By getting your education at the best online colleges for education majors, you are taking a tremendous step toward creating a better career and a higher quality of life for yourself. If you have been thinking of starting a new career, this is the best time to start working toward your dreams.

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