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Best Online Colleges for Veterans

Best Online Colleges for Veterans

There are a variety of factors that contribute to top online universities being considered among the best online colleges for veterans. If you are a military veteran and are ready to go back to college and get your career training, you should check to see if your potential school has a policy CLEP that gives partial credit based on undergraduate examination, credits for military experience, acceptance of financial support, and accreditation. Of course, it is also important to compare the cost of tuition. Research has shown that attendance at military-friendly colleges allows veterans to make a smoother transition from military to civilian life. Luckily, there are many military friendly online schools that help veterans build an educational background and confidence that will allow them to be successful in their chosen field.

Are you right for online education?

Not everyone can be successful with online education. It takes individuals with excellent organization and time management skills. In addition, you must be self-motivated, responsible, and prepared to keep up with the deadlines and requirements of your particular degree program. This often means developing your own personal schedule of study and examination as well as keeping current with email, message boards, and other online communications related to your education. This ensures that you will meet all homework and exam deadlines so you can maintain a good GPA.

Best online colleges for veterans

While it is true that there are many institutions of higher education that are considered to be military friendly, not every school can be considered to be one of the best. Recently, there was a study conducted to see which were the best online colleges for veterans. A short list was compiled that showed a couple of shining frontrunners.

American Military University online allows students to pursue their mission-related studies at a pace that is right for them. Tuition is reasonable and was established in coordination with numerous veteran’s benefit programs. This wonderful educational institution was established by a former officer in the military who understood that there was a driving need for an online school that catered specifically to the educational needs of military veterans.

Another great choice, Norwich University, was one of the very first online military colleges that focused strongly on the transition of veterans from the military back to civilian life by providing an education. The school saw its birth through ROTC and has grown to offer online studies to veterans in a wide variety of fields including diplomacy, business, engineering, history, nursing, military history, and justice administration. At this great school, the value of military experience is recognized and called upon in many courses by allowing veterans to share their experiences in a manner that promotes learning for all.

Attending one of the best online colleges for veterans is a wonderful step for anyone who is completing their military service. These great schools will work with you to maximize your veterans benefits while gaining the knowledge and skills you need to enter civilian life in a wonderful career that will offer you happiness and financial security.

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