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Best Public Colleges

Best Public Colleges

Have you been considering going back to college to get your career training for a new profession? Do you want to get a great education at the least possible cost? If so, you should take some time to research the best public colleges before you make a commitment to a degree program. In order to find the best school for you, you may use college ranking lists, such as those compiled by Kiplinger’s, to help you choose. While these lists should never be your sole source of information, they are certainly a valuable starting point in your journey. This list in particular ranks colleges and universities in order of the value they provide to their students.

How Kiplinger’s chooses the best public colleges

Kiplinger’s ranks the best public colleges based on the amount of value they offer students for a quality education. Kiplinger’s uses a simple formula to compare schools and rank them in order of the value they provide to students. This formula scores traditional and online colleges 31.25% on cost and financial aid, 25% on competitiveness, 12.5% on academic support, 18.75% on graduation rates, and 12.5% on student indebtedness.

Kiplinger’s best public colleges for value

Many people may be ready to choose the college that offers their chosen degree at the lowest possible tuition rates, but this can be a mistake. The true value of a college education does not consist of tuition rates alone, which is why it is useful to rely on expert opinions when choosing one of the best public colleges.

Here are Kiplinger’s choices for the best value in public colleges:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – This University, located in Chapel Hill, NC, boasts a 74% graduation rate, an in-state tuition of $17,000 a year, and an average student debt load of around $15,000 for a 4-year degree.

University of Florida – Located in Gainesville, FL, the University of Florida has an in-state tuition rate of $14,684 and a graduation rate of 58%, with a student debt average of $15,932.

University of Virginia – This great school, located in Charlottesville, VA, is a great value with a graduation rate of 85%, in-state tuition of $20,647, and an average student debt of $19,939 for a four-year degree.

The College of William and Mary – William and Mary, located in Williamsburg, VA, is another great Virginia school that boasts a graduation rate of 82%, an in-state tuition of $21,972, and a student debt load of around $18,410 over four years.

University of Maryland, College Park – Situated in College Park, MD, this school provides tremendous value as well. It has an in-state tuition of $19,040 annually, with a graduation rate of 63% and an average four-year student debt of $20,256.

Before you commit to a college or university for your higher education needs, make sure to check out some of the best public colleges in terms of value offered. Spending the time to make the right choice will yield you a much better education at a much lower price. Who doesn’t love a great deal?

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