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Best Value Colleges

Best Value Colleges

The current difficult economic times are affecting everyone, including many colleges and universities. Schools across the United States are struggling with increased enrollment and shrinking budgets that combine to affect the quality of the education offered. If you are thinking of going back to college to get your career training for a new job, make sure you look for one of the best value colleges school that offer an exceptional, affordable education, regardless of economic times.

For example, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is ranked number one best value by Kiplinger’s, has a low admission rate, competitive students, and a tuition of $17,000 (in state). Students at this university who qualify for need-based financial aid find that their cost drops to an amazing $7,020, quite a value for a top-tier university education. If you are budget minded but still want an exceptional education, check out the other schools that made Kiplinger’s best value colleges list.

How Kiplinger’s selects the best value colleges

Kiplinger’s bases its school rankings on a combination of affordability and academics. They use data from Peterson’s/Nelnet on 500 public four-year institutions and add their own reporting to the mix. They then narrow the list to 120 schools, based on factors such as SAT and ACT scores, student-faculty ratios, admission and retention rates, four- and six-year graduation rates, cost, and financial aid. Academic quality carries about 2/3 of the scoring weight and cost covers the remainder.

Kiplinger’s best value colleges calculate costs by considering the total expenses for in-state attendees. This includes mandatory fees, tuition, room and board, and books. It also considers the average cost for a student with financial need after subtracting grants, the average cost for a student without financial need after subtracting non-need-based grants, the average percentage of cost met by financial aid, and the average debt each student has by graduation. Kiplinger’s uses the same formulas for out-of state residents.

One of the things that makes Kiplinger’s list different is that it excludes schools with special or narrow academic focuses. Military service academies are excluded, as is Cornell University, which has some private ownership.

How to use Kiplinger’s best value colleges

Kiplinger’s does intend for its list to define decisions for prospective students. Instead, it is another resource available for students to use when selecting the best school for their needs. Before making a final decision, you should thoroughly check out each school individually to make sure it meets your personal needs and get you where you want to be in life.

When looking for the right college for you, it is important to treat the decision with the importance it deserves. Your education is one of the most valuable things you will ever have, so it is vital that you get the best for your time and money. Kiplinger’s best value colleges can help you narrow down your search by giving you some insight into which schools deliver the most bang for the buck. It is another valuable tool in your search for the ideal college or university.

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