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Forbes Best Colleges 2012

Forbes Best Colleges 2012

Many students turn to every resource imaginable when searching for the best school from which to get their career training. Before you go back to college, check into all of your options thoroughly, and find the one that offers the best value, as well as the one that meets your needs. Forbes started its own college ranking system in 2008 and it uses different criteria than most ranking systems. Although many see the list as a great way to identify colleges and universities that offer the best educational value, others say the list is more confusing to students because it mixes public, private, liberal arts, research, and military colleges into one list. Love it or hate it, Forbes Best Colleges 2012 list does give you information you can use to find the best colleges for you.

Methodology for Forbes Best Colleges 2012

While many lists use such factors as popularity and reputation to determine the best colleges and universities, Forbes Best Colleges 2012 takes a different approach. They ignore reputation and popularity and focus instead on factors they consider important in a value education. Their formula takes 25% from student evaluations of their professors on and another 25% from the amount of school alumni that Who’s Who in America features. The final 50% derives from three factors: enrollment-adjusted numbers of student and faculty who receive Rhodes Scholarships, Nobel prizes or other nationally competitive awards, and the average four-year debt accumulated by students who borrow money. Critics of this methodology state that the student evaluations of professors are too easily manipulated and biased and that Who’s Who is no more than a marketing ploy designed to sell books. Regardless of these factors, Forbes’ list can be a valuable resource for students as long as you use it as only one piece of information, not the determining factor.

Things to consider in addition to Forbes Best Colleges 2012

In addition to the information contained in Forbes Best Colleges 2012 ranking list, discerning students should also consider other ranking lists, references, and referrals from colleagues, friends, and family, and information garnered from university representatives before making a final decision. Make sure you check the degrees offered, quality of the faculty, student services that are available, learning formats offered, and overall cost of attendance before committing to any school. You can get much of this information from the official school website or through calling an admissions representative. Have a list of questions ready and take notes during the conversation so you can compare prospective schools easily.

When you are looking for the perfect school from which to earn your degree, there is little doubt that Forbes Best Colleges 2012 can give you some great ideas. It is important, however, not to rely solely on this or any other single source of information to give you the answers. Since your college education is one of the most important things you can give yourself, make sure you have all the information before making a final decision.

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