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Forbes College Rankings

Forbes College Rankings

Many college rankings help you choose the best college for you. Forbes joined the pack in 2008 by establishing its own annual ranking system. Since then, many students have found that Forbes college rankings are an invaluable resource for effective college shopping. So, before you start back to college to get your career training, take the time to check out Forbes’ list.

How Forbes college rankings are determined

Forbes methodology ignores factors such as popularity and goes instead with a formula that they feel predicts the best value for students. This Forbes college rankings methodology takes 25 percent of the score from school alumni listed in Who’s Who in America and 25 percent from student evaluations of their professors on The other 50 percent derives equally from four-year graduation rates, enrollment-adjusted numbers of students and faculty receiving nationally competitive awards such as Nobel prizes or Rhodes Scholarships, and the average four-year accumulated student debt of students who borrowed money. A further difference in the Forbes system is that it does not break colleges down into separate schools and, instead, separates public and private institutions.

As with any college rankings list, it is important to remember that these lists are but one source of information to help you make a decision. Rankings lists are not a one-stop source for matching you with your ideal school. Although they can help narrow down your choices, it is still vital that you take the time to check each of your choices to make sure they fit your personal needs.

Forbes college rankings top 10

Forbes latest list of the best colleges and universities includes public and private, as well as liberal arts colleges, making the list appear quite different from most ranking lists.

Here are the top 10 schools of today, according to Forbes:

Williams College – private, liberal arts – Williamstown, MA

Princeton University – private, research – Princeton, NJ

United States Military Academy at West Point – federal service – West Point, NY

Amherst College – private, liberal arts – Amherst, MA

Stanford University – private, research – Palo Alto, CA

Harvard University – private, Ivy League – Cambridge, MA

Haverford College – private, liberal arts – Haverford, PA

University of Chicago – private, research – Chicago, IL

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – private, research – Cambridge, MA

United States Air Force Academy – federal service – Colorado Springs, CO

While Forbes college rankings may help you find a starting point in your search for the best college or university, it should not be your only source of information. In order to make the best possible decision, use rankings, including Forbes’, in tandem with a number of other factors to make sure that you are truly going to get the education you really need. Your education is your key to a better future, a better career, and a better life. Treat this important process with the care it deserves and you will never regret your decision.

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