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Good Colleges for Nursing

Good Colleges for Nursing

The field of nursing provides some of the top careers. There is an alarming shortage of nurses and that shortage should rise over the next several years. The demand is causing nursing salaries, benefits, and hiring incentives to grow as facilities compete for available qualified nursing staff. This promising job outlook makes this the ideal time to go back to college and get your career training for this wonderful field. If you have been considering starting a new career and are ready to become a nurse, find one of the good colleges for nursing and get started on your new life today.

Education and training at good colleges for nursing

The one thing all nursing careers have in common is that they require formal training that includes both coursework and intensive hands-on clinical practice. You can even get your degree through some of the best online schools, only needing to report on-site for clinical practice. Good colleges for nursing will offer training in biology, physiology, anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, ethics, pharmacology, nursing theory and practice, and patient record keeping. The specifics of your program, however, will vary depending on the particular type of training you choose. Some possible options include certified nurse assistant, registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse. Within these fields, you may choose a specialization in such fields as emergency, trauma, critical care, cardiac care, pediatrics, hospice care, long-term care, orthopedics, geriatrics, and more.

In addition to the coursework, you will also have to complete a period of supervised clinical practice. This practice typically occurs both in a classroom laboratory and in a real-world healthcare setting. During your clinicals, working professionals and classroom instructors will closely monitor your progress.

Additional skills needed for nurses

Aside from your formal training at one of the good colleges for nursing, you also need to possess certain personal characteristics to be a successful nurse. These qualities include being organized, the ability to handle pressure, and the ability to make quick decisions while under stress. In addition, you must maintain confidentiality, keep a cool head, and be an excellent communicator. Since you will comfort patients and families during emotional times, it is important to have a strong sense of empathy and compassion. Finally, you must be willing to work long, irregular hours as needed, and be willing to do whatever is necessary to provide the best quality of care to your patients.

Why nursing?

When you get your training from one of the good colleges for nursing, you are preparing to enter one of the most promising career fields. Nurses are some of the most respected, valuable members of our society, and their pay reflects that. The average salary for a registered nurse can easily exceed $60,000 a year, plus employment benefits. If you are ready to enter this incredible career field, find a great school and start your training now. It is a decision that will definitely change your life for the better.

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