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Grand Canyon University Scholarships

Grand Canyon University Scholarships

When you attend one of the best online universities, such as Grand Canyon University, you will be eligible for all of the available benefits associated with both distance learning programs as well as traditional college settings. One of the many benefits that many do not associate with distance learning is that of both federally funded financial aid as well as various Grand Canyon University scholarships. All of these features will allow you to go back to college on your own time and remain debt free so when you earn your online Bachelors degree or online Masters degree, you will not need to worry about how you are going to finance your college education.

Athletics Scholarships

There are many athletic Grand Canyon University scholarships available to those who qualify. When you play any sports for Grand Canyon University, you may be given the opportunity to have some or even all of your education paid for by the college in exchange for your hard work and time devoted to your sport. These Grand Canyon University scholarships provide the student with the opportunity to play the sport they enjoy in a less competitive venue than that of Division I sports. Even though it is less competitive, it is still tougher than Division III sports where there are no scholarships available for those in competition. In order to qualify for these scholarships through the best online universities, you must maintain both integrity and quality during the sporting events and competitions, as well as maintaining your dedication to your degree program by maintaining above average grades, generally a ā€œCā€ average or better. As long as you maintain these requirements, you will remain eligible for your Grand Canyon University scholarships saving you thousands of dollars on your educational career at one of the best online universities.

Federally Funded Grants

In addition to your athletic Grand Canyon University scholarships, you may also be eligible for various grants which are funded through the federal government. These grants are generally need based, which means you will be required to show proof that without the grant, you would not be able to afford college on your own, especially at one of the best online universities. These grants are generally in the form of the Pell Grant, although some, who are in more dire financial straits, will qualify for additional grants that pertain to those who are non-traditional students. If you live in the state of Arizona, you may also be eligible for various grants through the state of Arizona which will also pay for some of your education; therefore, even if your Pell Grant does not cover all of your tuition, you may put all the available options together to pay for most of your educational career. For instance, if you have one of the Grand Canyon University scholarships for athletics which pays 50% of your tuition, then you add in your Pell Grant and one of the available state funded grants, all three of these features may make up all of your tuition for the entire two, four or even six years it will take you to complete your traditional or online degree program.’s Comprehensive Scholarship Resource

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