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Top Online Photography Schools

Top Online Photography Schools

Depending on your Facebook or other social media feeds, you may know a few people that have started their own photography studios. Generally, the start-up for a photography studio is fairly cheap, you simply need good photo editing software, a good camera, and a solid understanding of what makes an attractive picture. You can easily try your hand at this, but with an education, you can move from the self-employed photography position to working in fashion, journalism, advertising or any other area that needs a constant stream of new media. With the popularity of the internet, you are likely going to find plenty of companies that need a good photographer. By looking at the top online photography schools, you can easily find the right education for you, without making a big dent in your personal schedule.

Making it as a Photographer

As mentioned already, there are plenty of areas that you can put your shuttering skills to work. From starting your own business to journalism and other media, you’ll find plenty of places that need a good photographer. While it may seem odd that you would need an education to take pictures, there is more to professional photography than what is apparent on the surface. To start, you’ll need to learn a great deal about the new cameras out there, f-stops, shutter speeds, light settings and other tools that compose a great image.

In addition to shooting a good image, you’ll need to spend a great deal of time with some of the popular photo editing software, such as Photoshop, to make sure your images have that extra touch of professionalism. You’ll also learn ways to take images that are missing that extra touch that is needed for the particular image and edit them to make them look even better. The trick is going to be learning how to airbrush or edit an image, without making it look like it is edited. Everyone has seen the “Photoshop Fails” online. Most of them are incredibly funny and you want to stay far away from being featured on that type of site. A photography school will help you ensure that you don’t land in these pitfalls and will make your resume that much more attractive to employers.

Upon graduation, your income will vary a great deal based on what you do with your education. If you start your own studio, you’ll spend a chunk of cash up front but end up selling portraits for a pretty good amount over time. You’ll be taking a risk, but it can pay off in a big way. If you end up as a news photographer or something related, $40,000 a year is probably about where you will start. With freelance work available on the side, you’ll be hard pressed to go without some type of income.

Finding Time for School

The hardest part about entering college is finding the time to do so. Your personal and school schedule are often at odds, so finding a way to overcome these issues is generally the very first thing you need to do to ensure a successful education. By attending online photography schools, you dictate what the school schedule will be with the only time constraints coming from due dates for graded assignments in your classes. With an online degree in photography, you’ll easily be able to do your projects, upload the results and get feedback and be able to edit with the notes still sitting on your desktop. Call a few schools that catch your eye and get started on your future as soon as you can.

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