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Top Online Software Engineering Colleges

Top Online Software Engineering Colleges

Just about any electronic device you use is running on some sort of software written by a software engineer. Your computer, phone and cable box are all using some type of programming that allows the machine to understand the functions that we take for granted. From video games to art software or children’s toys to electric decorations, software is written by engineers and breakthroughs that give us new ways to interact with our work come from the same people. If you are interested in software engineering but want to work on something a bit less light hearted than what was described here, rest easy knowing that software engineers work on everything from children’s toys to major defense projects and even space exploring tools. You are sure to find the right place for you in the industry, especially if you attend one of the top online software engineering colleges.

Living as a Software Engineer

If you have a good balance of logic and creativity, you’ll find the perfect career for you in software engineering. While math is a basic foundation of the science, you’ll need to have the logic to write programs and the creativity to move past the limitations imposed by the language you are writing in. You’ll also need to ensure that you have the ability to work well within a group, or lead one, since most projects are too big for a single person these days.

Once you finish college and enter the field as a software engineer you’ll start off on the ground floor and work at the bottom of a totem pole while you learn real world practices. Even top ranked graduates will generally start at an entry level position, but with hard work and dedication you can move up the ranks quickly. Most of the time, all that matters is that you are working with computers to create something new. Not only do you have a constant outlet for your creativity through your work, you are generally well rewarded financially for your knowledge and skills. Software engineers should expect a starting salary of around $50,000 or more and can easily make it into the six digit figures over the course of their career. The work can be frustrating at times, but when you overcome the cause of that frustration you will have a true sense of accomplishment rarely found in other career paths.

Learning from Home

Software engineering is a perfect degree program to earn through an online college. Since most of your education is handled through the use of a computer, you are uniquely situated to study and do projects without ever having to leave your chair. Your lab work will almost always be done on a computer, so ensure you have a good backup program for your work. A computer will crash at some point and laws of the universe seem to state that it will happen just as you finish a major and difficult project, but before you can actually upload it to your virtual classroom.

Your online education will be handled through an online ecampus.  This is basically an online learning hub that links you to each of your classes. Lectures, handouts and other useful tools will all be included in these online classrooms and your only requirement as far as scheduling goes is turning in graded work by a due date. As long as you can stick to that, you decide when and how to work on your projects. Find the right school for what you need from your education and you will be well on your way to one of the most fun, frustrating, rewarding, in demand and demanding careers out there.

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