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Walden University Nursing Programs

Walden University Nursing Programs

You can accomplish what was once exclusively the domain of a brick and mortar college by enrolling in an online degree program. Nursing students previously thought they had to attend a college in their area or move far away to complete their education, with no options of attending one of the best online colleges. However, this is no longer the case with the variety of nursing programs available today. You may choose from a bachelor’s degree, which is mainly for those nursing students who have already earned a certificate or associate’s degree. Your can earn a master’s degree, post master’s certificate, and a doctorate from one of the best online universities. The level of your education through Walden University nursing programs depends on your long-term nursing career goals.

Online Bachelor’s Degree

Walden University nursing programs include a four-year bachelor’s degree for students who have already completed a nursing program, earning either a certificate or associate’s degree in nursing. With these lower level degrees, you only have so many opportunities for employment and advancement. On the other hand, if you go back to college and earn your bachelor’s degree, you have the same opportunities as if you had earned that degree first. This program will allow you to use your previous credits earned to complete your bachelor’s program, meaning that you only have to take the required core courses that were not included with your associate’s degree. This allows you to earn an online bachelor’s degree from one of the best online universities through the Walden University nursing programs.

Masters Degree

The online Masters degree in Walden University nursing programs should take about an additional two years, after you have earned your bachelor’s degree. Since the master’s program is set aside for only those devoted to their education and the nursing profession, there are typically only a few openings each year to earn this competitive degree. Therefore, you must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average throughout your undergraduate program to ensure you claim a spot in an advanced degree program.

If it has been a while since you have earned your bachelor’s degree, you may also be required to submit professional references with your application. This ensures you are dedicated to your work and are ready for this type of program. Once you gain acceptance to the master’s degree program at one of Walden University nursing programs, you will be required to choose a concentration in your studies. Specializations include education, leadership, and informatics. Any of these concentrations will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to advance throughout your career.

Post-Masters Certificate

The post-Masters Certificate through the Walden University nursing programs is for those who have already earned their master’s degree and want to keep updated on all of the technological advances in the medical industry. This certificate will provide the most up to date information, ensuring nurses that they are giving the most to their patients by providing the most advanced treatments and pain management techniques. The skills learned in this program will vary depending on the concentration of study in which you choose.

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