Best Careers for 2013

  1. Web Designer Click for Recommended Degree Program
  2. Criminal Investigator Click for Recommended Degree Program
  3. Network Administrator Click for Recommended Degree Program
  4. CPA Click for Recommended Degree Program
  5. Environmental Engineer Click for Recommended Degree Program
  6. Forensic Psychologist Click for Recommended Degree Program
  7. Software Developer Click for Recommended Degree Program
  8. Registered Nurse Click for Recommended Degree Program
  9. Special Education Teacher Click for Recommended Degree Program
  10. Massage Therapist Click for Recommended Degree Program

Top Careers for 2013

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Choosing one of the tops careers is important. Better job satisfaction, higher salaries and many other factors can make a big difference in a person’s life. By choosing a career that is fulfilling, pays well and allows for a more comfortable financial lifestyle, you can make life as a whole just that much better. But how can you choose such a career and get the training you need for it?

It is more convenient than ever before to earn a college degree. Many careers in a multitude of different fields have online degree programs that directly lead to them. Online learning makes it easy and convenient for even the busiest parents to continue their education and achieve their goals for a better, happier life and family. All of this can be achieved through a better, higher-paying profession or career advancement.

The key to attaining many of these better careers is a college degree. Many students are now earning an online degree to help them advance or change their career. For those looking into online degrees, here are My Colleges and Careers’ best careers for 2013 with online degrees.

Not sure which of these careers might fit your life and personality? Here’s a quick overview of the top careers for online degree graduates for 2013.

13 Top Careers for 2013

  1. Web Designer
    A web designer is trained in various scripting languages, aesthetics, color and codes necessary to build eye-catching, professional and user-friendly websites for businesses or people. Web Designers often break off into more specialized fields, such as information architecture, project management, Flash design or graphic arts. The possibilities are endless! As a resource, Wikipedia has put together a great web design career and history guide outlining web design in its fullest.
  2. Criminal Investigator
    A Criminal Investigator, also known as a Crime Scene Investigator, is responsible for collecting evidence, questioning witnesses and suspects and evaluating a crime scene. Criminal Investigation is a highly skilled career, which definitely requires a great deal of training to recognize criminal patterns, behaviors and determine what happened and how a crime took place. According to, criminal investigators also enjoy one of the highest paying salaries in the criminal justice field, in relation to schooling and training time. Love the show CSI? This might just be the career for you!
  3. Network Administrator
    You know when your wireless network at home fails or something is wrong with the router or maybe someone changed the password on you… your computer then tells you to contact your network administrator. That is the individual responsible for knowing how computer networks function, being able to troubleshoot issues and helping the entire office or network stay connected and efficient. has listed a slew of career opportunities for this field, such as network analysis, management, troubleshooting, support and even freelance consulting. If computers are your thing, this might be a good career for you.
  4. CPA
    A Certified Public Accountant is responsible for providing incredibly important services to businesses. CPA’s do taxes, audits and keep accounting records for large corporations and small businesses alike. Financially savvy and great with numbers, a CPA functions as a vital part of many businesses. Online courses are a great way to start your education to becoming a CPA as well. We offer a list of colleges that offer online accounting courses that are accredited (see official list at According to, there are currently over 100 accredited schools that offer accounting courses online in America. What are you waiting for?
  5. Environmental Engineer
    An Environmental Engineer plays an extremely important role in protecting the environment. By combining biology and chemistry, an Environmental Engineer devises systems and solutions to problems having to do with Earth’s environment and nature. These engineers develop solutions to local as well as global environmental issues to protect our planet for future generations. They may also perform related tasks, such as researching and developing new technologies, evaluate environmental and social impacts of engineering projects, design and operate processes to treat waste and work with occupational health experts to ensure a hazard free working environment (source).
  6. Forensic Psychologist
    One of the best careers is Forensic Psychology. A Forensic Psychologist deals with psychology of inmates or criminals, often being employed within the legal system. This can range from profiling serial killers for law enforcement agencies to evaluating incarcerated patients. Forensic psychologists also enjoy a high average salary, that can range above six figures per year for more experienced psychologists. If you are a person who has a knack for psychology and an interest in the law enforcement field, Forensic Psychology might be the perfect fit.
  7. Software Developer
    Software is everywhere, from programs used in kiosks for self-service tasks to home computers to iPhones. A Software Developer is a pioneer in the computer field, creating programs people will use every day, improve convenience, provide an easier or more efficient way of accomplishing certain things, and will need to then be improved upon. Software Developers play an integral role in our world of Facebook games and iPhone apps.
  8. Registered Nurse
    The healthcare field is booming because, at some point or other, everyone experiences illness. Healthcare is a need for everyone, not just a simple want; a Registered Nurse is responsible for taking care of patients, assisting doctors and simple tasks such as administering IV’s and drawing blood. Though not quite the responsibility of a doctor, an RN tends to be more connected to the patients as well as helping the doctors as well as the patients. The nursing career also branches into many different specialties, offering nurses a wide range of paths to choose from, should they feel the need for something different. Some of these include: addictions nurse, ambulatory care nurse, emergency / trauma nurse, forensic nurse, hospice nurse, school nurse, travel nurse, oncology, neonatal, medical surgical as well as many others. For a full report, see’s comprehensive list.
  9. Special Education Teacher
    This definitely is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill teaching position. A Special Education teacher has to work individually with each student to achieve the goals of the student and his or her family, educationally as well as behaviorally. Utilizing special techniques and tools, a Special Education Teacher goes above and beyond the norm of teaching to provide education for disabled children.
  10. Massage Therapist
    Massage Therapy is a healing art form that many people set a budget aside for. Because so many people have issues with their backs, Massage Therapy has grown increasingly popular as an alternative form of healing and pain management. Massage Therapy is a growing field in which an individual can get a job as an employee at a spa as well as being independent or a roaming Massage Therapist. The options in this field are numerous.
  11. Medical Assistant – A career in medical assisting is very rewarding and can offer you a lot of career choices. There are many different types of medical assistants, and the growth potential in the upcoming years is nothing short of amazing. Even better, there are many online medical assistant programs that offer a quick, easy and budget friendly way to get your foot into this great career field.
  12. Paralegal – A paralegal is commonly called a legal assistant – and the terms are becoming interchangeable. They do a wide variety of tasks that act as a support role for lawyers and law firms. Tasks may include conducting legal research, organizing legal related files, and drafting documents. Expected to grow by 18 percent by 2020 (, the job outlook is incredibly optimistic for paralegals. Getting your training as a paralegal is also incredibly easy, thanks to many online schools offering paralegal studies degrees or similar programs. There has never been a better time to start your education to become a paralegal.
  13. Pharmacy Technician – Helping pharmacies and pharmacists fill and dispense medication might seem like a simple and menial task, but that could not be further from the truth. Pharmacy technicians are not only required to have a high level of detail and precision, they are also expected to keep up with all the changes that occur within the field. These changes occur on a weekly basis, with new drugs and generics being offered to the public frequently. According to, this field is expected to grow 32 percent between 2010 and 2020, making it one of the fastest growing fields today.

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Salary information based on the upper 90th percentile from for each career or the closest related career. Location and experience play effect these numbers. How we ranked the top jobs of 2013 includes, but is not limited to job availability, training time, salary and flexibility.

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