Best Careers for 2013

  1. Web Designer Click for Recommended Degree Program
  2. Criminal Investigator Click for Recommended Degree Program
  3. Network Administrator Click for Recommended Degree Program
  4. CPA Click for Recommended Degree Program
  5. Environmental Engineer Click for Recommended Degree Program
  6. Forensic Psychologist Click for Recommended Degree Program
  7. Software Developer Click for Recommended Degree Program
  8. Registered Nurse Click for Recommended Degree Program
  9. Special Education Teacher Click for Recommended Degree Program
  10. Massage Therapist Click for Recommended Degree Program

5 Best Careers

5 Best Careers

The 5 best careers can include different careers because of the criteria used to make such a list. A list may concentrate on the top careers for salary, job growth potential, or both. Below, you will find two of the 5 best careers for 2012 pertaining to job growth and income potential.


How do you feel about the idea of job security? The 5 best careers may provide you with job security over the next decade. Most people are aware the medical field is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Medical and health service managers have a high demand for their expertise. The growth of these positions occurs because of the demand placed on the health care industry by the aging baby boomer generation. Hospitals need people to manage the overall daily activities on a large scale. Medical administrators focus on the overall operation. Medical and health service managers focus more on the daily activities. They plan budgets, coordinate staff, and manage inventory. Their responsibilities often cause friction because of the difficult decisions they must make and that the monitor the actions of the staff. If you seek a managerial position, and possess superior organizational and communications skills, this could be the career for you.

Another best career is working as an accountant. This profession pays well and it should grow at a higher rate than most professions. The reason for the increase in accountants may be any number of reasons. It seems like a logical step, as the IRS becomes far more particular about individual tax returns, given the country’s enormous debt. In addition, companies are trying to find ways to save money like never before. Therefore, accountants are becoming increasingly useful in the eyes of everyone. Accountants are often people who enjoy working with numbers. It is important to note, you will be required to remain current in tax code regulations if you wish to be successful. If you want to achieve top careers in accountancy, you will be required to have significant education and training, such as passing professional exams.


The educational requirements for the 5 best careers are typically more demanding than other professions. Most top careers require, at least, a master’s degree. Most people choose to continue working, while they pursue their advanced degrees through online universities. If you are changing careers, be certain to speak with the online higher learning institution prior to applying for entrance. You need to verify that you do not have to take any prerequisite courses prior to your enrollment.

The 5 best careers will provide you with a better future, but you must put in the hard work to get there. Online courses are a tremendous resource of which to take advantage. Secure your future today.

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