Best Careers for 2013

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Best Careers 2013 for Women

Best Careers 2013 for Women

Each list with the best careers 2013 for women will slightly vary. However, most careers on the list will be relatively consistent. These lists may also vary according to their area of focus, such as careers with the best pay or the best job security. Here are a few careers that many employment experts consider some of the best for women in terms of job security and compensation.

The Medical Field

If you seek the best careers 2013 for women, you might consider a variety of positions in the medical field. Some of the best positions for women are as dentists, doctors, and nurses. Many people do not realize the potential of a nursing career. Some women may feel this to be stereotypical. However, these positions are growing and the opportunities, with the proper education, for advancement and high salaries are growing as well. Women should take advantage of working in a highly demanded career field, regardless of the stigma placed on these careers by society. A few careers you should consider for job security in the medical profession include nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Both of these careers are growing substantially, and they should grow even more over the next decade due to the aging baby boomer population.

The medical field is also a wonderful career opportunity for various reasons. If your significant other receives a job transfer, you will be able to find a job far quicker because of the career you have chosen. You may be required to meet state licensing requirements. However, you should not have to complete additional training. You have the opportunity to work in any number of medical areas, such as oncology, pediatrics, surgery, and gynecology. The number of potential employers often outnumbers many other professions. You might work for a school, hospital, medical facility, university, the government, or with community programs. Medical job possibilities are almost limitless.

Top 5 careers for women in the medical field:


Anthropology may be an unexpected addition to the best careers 2013 for women, yet it is on the list for very good reasons. Anthropologists study human societies from the past to the present, and they may even attempt to predict future behavior based on past societal behaviors. These careers will grow at an above average rate due to one particular area of study. The westernizing of developing countries has become an intrinsic area of study for the world. Tourists, outside influences, new diseases, and climate change, now inundate societies left untouched for centuries. Another anthropology area to study are the affects of technology on various cultures, genders, and races to determine exactly how people are influenced by advanced technology. In addition, if economic shifts continue influence the growth of societies, new jobs in anthropology could emerge to monitor how new found wealth affects emerging economies. This fascinating profession provides numerous career opportunities.

The best careers 2013 for women vary, but each one provides job security and generous salaries. You will be required to possess a top education to work in these careers. Top online universities are the perfect way to change your professional journey.

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