Best Careers for 2013

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Best Careers in Education

Best Careers in Education

When it comes to education careers, you must discern which of the varied careers will match your career goals. Some education careers pay better than other careers. Some education careers have better growth opportunities. The best careers in education have both.

The Best Careers

While all educational careers are rewarding, the best careers in education provide people with a well-balanced and secure future. These positions will provide you with job security and financial security.

The education career most highly sought-after and, in some circles, well respected, are post-secondary educators. These higher education professionals shape the minds of the country’s future leaders. Their jobs are challenging in a number of ways. While students take away from courses what they put in, it is the professor’s job to engage each student. Post-secondary educators who are able to perform this task become the most highly sought-after professionals. Teaching will not be your only requirement. Employers expect these employees to bring recognition to their educational institution by publishing papers, applying for research grants, and giving public speeches.

Another to career in education that is equally challenging is that of an administrator. These professionals spend more time with politics and parents than they do working with children. They are responsible for managing the entire school district. The level of responsibility in these positions is far greater than most people can handle. Most people have no idea how much goes into running a school district. Some of the responsibilities include devising multimillion-dollar budgets, releasing teachers, hiring teachers, expelling children, and issuing salary increases. They perform all the duties and make all the decisions no one else wants to make. These careers are ideal for true leaders. You must be able to communicate effectively and work well under pressure.

If you are looking for a top teaching position, consider becoming a special education teacher. These teachers make more money than other teachers make because of the extra expertise they must have to deal with learning disadvantaged children. There often are not enough qualified special education teachers in a school district. If you consider this career, you must possess a number of distinct qualities. You must be extremely patient and kind. You must truly want to work with children who have special needs. If you are in it for the money, you will not get very far in this career.

Education Requirements

The best careers in education also require the best education. If you wish to become a post-secondary educator, you will be required to have a PhD. If you are considering becoming a school administrator, you will be required to have, at least, a master’s degree. Many people start teaching and work on their online master’s degree at the same time. If you are interested in becoming a special education teacher, a master’s degree will set you apart from the competition.

The best careers in education will provide you with a secure future. These careers are growing, well paid, and waiting for you.

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